About Us
Who We Are
Legacy Liquor Store was founded in 2010 in the heart of Vancouver’s newest neighbourhood, the Olympic Village. This new neighbourhood was a marvel of urban planning and it required a new kind of liquor store with a 21st century liquor shopping experience unlike anything British Columbians had ever seen. We assembled a top team of highly educated service staff and we filled Vancouver’s largest liquor store with over 5000 unique items including hundreds that are only available at Legacy Liquor Store. Our philosophy has always been that a great experience on a journey of discovery will ultimately create a perfect moment. Legacy offers a full service shopping experience with public tasting events, public seminars, mixology classes, cellar consultations, and collection appraisals. We ship everywhere in British Columbia and we offer a full virtual store with our entire product list so you can find that perfect item for any occasion. Legacy Liquor Store is Vancouver’s most awarded liquor store. The Georgia Straight has named Legacy Liquor Store as Vancouver’s best liquor store for 10 straight years and in 2019, Legacy Liquor Store won ALBE BC’s Liquor Retailer of the year for the province of British Columbia. Vancouver’s largest store boasts Canada’s largest selection of spirits including over 250 Scotch whiskies, 75 cognacs, over 100 different gins, and the world’s first British Columbian Craft spirit section. Legacy Liquor Store is dedicated to the hard working people and farmers of British Columbia. Our British Columbian sections are filled with 100% BC produced goods. You won’t find any international blended wines or bottled in BC import bulk spirits. When you buy a wine in our Canadian section we guarantee it is grown, produced, and packaged in British Columbia and you can always trust that our local spirit section is made from 100% BC produce.
Unique to Legacy
Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Since 2013, Legacy Liquor Store has been the exclusive home to the Vancouver chapter of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Founded in 1983 by Phillip “Pip” Hills and his group of merry adventurers, the Scotch Malt whisky Society, known as the SMWS to whisky fans across the globe, is the most exclusive independent bottler of spirits in the World. The SMWS has won hundreds of awards over the years and holds the world record for most wins in the Best Independent Bottler category including a legendary run of 6 wins in the last 9 years. The SMWS specializes in single cask whiskies, the vast majority of which comes from Scotland. The whiskies are released as Cask strength and are free of dyes and are always non-chill filtered for a pure, natural whisky. The average release of these super rare whiskies has less than 300 bottles for the entire globe. Legacy Liquor Store is proud to release 7 new releases every single month. We host three special release events every month and once a year at Cornucopia in beautiful Whistler British Columbia. Only members of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society are allowed to purchase these exquisite bottles but there are two easy ways to join. The first way is to buy your first bottle with a value of over $180 dollars. The second is to pay the annual due on the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canadian chapter homepage https://www.smws.ca/membership/ As a member of the society, you will quickly build an incredible whisky collection and impress all your friends. You will gain exclusive access to the society bars in Scotland and enjoy perks at dozens of partner bars all over the world.
Legacy Exclusive Casks
Legacy Liquor Store’s highly trained staff is dedicated to sourcing the choicest single cask spirits from all over the world. Our team members travel to spirit hotspots around the world in search of these elusive barrels. Less than 1% of all casks are worthy to be sold as a single cask. From Arandes Mexico in search of fine Tequila to the Highlands of Scotland, we are always on the hunt for exclusive and exceptional casks.
Previous Legacy Exclusive Casks Total Bottles Status
Legacy Exclusive Jack Daniels Single Barrel 168 Sold Out
Legacy Exclusive Duncan Taylor Highland Park 2005 75 Sold Out
Legacy Exclusive Altos Reposado Cognac Cask 300 Sold Out
Legacy Exclusive Carn Mor Caol Ila 2010 119 Sold Out
Legacy Exclusive Carn Mor Ben Nevis 2015 60 48/60 Sold
Ardbeg Committee
Since 2016, Legacy Liquor Store has been the official home of the Vancouver’s Ardbeg Committee members. Every year Legacy receives a small allocation of the exclusive committee member releases. You must be a member of the Ardbeg committee to be able to purchase the bottles and join us for exclusive tasting events of these incredible rare whiskies.
Previous releases Status
Ardbeg Dark Cove Sold Out
Ardbeg Kelpie Sold Out
Ardbeg Grooves Sold Out
Ardbeg Drum Sold Out
Ardbeg Supernova 2019 Sold Out
Coming Soon Status
Ardbeg Blaaack 2020 Black Label Coming Summer 2020
Ardbeg Blaaack 2020 White Label Coming Fall 2020
Personal Shopping
Let Legacy Liquor Store’s highly trained staff is at your service. Engage one of our in-house Sommeliers, Cicerones, and Spirit specialists for an exceptional shopping experience. Our advisors will customize your order to any budget or any requirement that you need. You do not even need to come to downtown Vancouver for this experience. Let one of our specialists put together your order and we will ship it anywhere in British Columbia. Our intuitive staff can even make suggestions based on your preferences to expand your horizons at your own pace and within your expectations.